Archdiocese of Chicago

Parent to Parent Wisdom

By seeing all moments in your family's daily life as holy and sacred, you open everyone to the ways God works in our lives. Parents all over the Archdiocese are sharing their wisdom through this page.

As part of "The Year of Strong Catholic Parents" in the Archdiocese of Chicago,
parents are offering personal tips on how to raise children as well-formed Catholics.

Mary Jo Kunzmann Sarah and Colin HuieLupe and Al Canaveral

Morning Prayer

Start the day with a "morning offering" prayer. It can make a positive difference in how every family member lives the day for God.
Jessica from St. Bernardine

Blessing Others

Whenever my child left the house, whether to go to school or out with friends, I made the sign of the cross on their forehead and said "May God bless you and be with you." As they grew they began blessing me and their father. It has become a beautiful tradition that we continue to practice. It brings the sacred into everyday life.
Janet from St. John of the Cross