Archdiocese of Chicago

Helpful Hints

The internet provides so much information that it can be difficult to find the sites that are best for you. Check out some of our favorite websites for Catholic Parents.

Catholic Icing
Since 2009 this site has been a source of Catholic ideas for parents on the internet.  You’ll find seasonal crafts, recipes, and hands-on ideas, all fun ways to begin a faith conversation about Catholic beliefs and traditions.

LUMA (Loyola University Museum of Art)
This museum is located directly across from the historic Chicago Water Tower.  Before your family outing, print out the Activity guides for “chasse” which was made to hold relics of Saints and “birthtray” which has images of David and Goliath. Admission to LUMA is free on Tuesdays.

Using Videos for Family Faith Conversations
The Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston in Association with Outside Da Box Productions has created engaging videos to explain the basics of our Catholic faith.  “We believe in order to effectively reach this generation of teens with the richness and beauty of our Catholic faith, it must be done in new and relevant ways.”  Watching one of these videos together is one of the best ways to start a faith conversation with your teen.

Susan Vogt
An author, speaker and coach committed to helping you enrich your marriage, inspire your children, deepen your faith, and simplify your life. Sign up for her weekly e-mails with Parenting Pointers and Marriage Moments that will help you build a stronger Catholic family.

Report from Columbia University 2010
“Our surveys have consistently found that the more often children have dinners with their parents, the less likely they are to smoke, drink or use drugs, and that parental engagement fostered around the dinner table is one of the most potent tools to help parents raise healthy, drug-free children.”
(This article is referred to in the Facilitator's Guide p. 6 in Building Stronger Families.)

Grace Before Meals with Fr. Leo Patalinghug
Grace Before Meals is all about families nourishing the body, mind, and soul with easy lessons, tasty recipes and reasons to come together and share in the love that only a family or friend can provide. A recent post form Leo's newsletter offers great advice to parents with older children. “...if you did raise your children in faith, but they are no longer practicing or starting to question their faith, make sure you remain open to their questions and try to seek answers to their questions or issues of doubt TOGETHER!”

Confirmation: Strengthened by the Spirit, Called to Action
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' informative handout to help parents understand the meaning of Confirmation

Faith and Safety in the Internet
“Parenting isn't easy. It can often feel overwhelming. Throw in the Internet, social networks, computers, mobile, and gaming devices and things can often seem impossible. Here is some straightforward advice and tools on how to navigate this digital world with your family.” United States Catholic Bishops and the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America teamed up to offer an amazing website helping us view technology through the eyes of faith.

Catholic Mom This site was created by Catholic mom, Lisa M. Hendey to “celebrate all things Faith, Family and Fun from a Catholic perspective.

Vibrant Faith @ Home
Vibrant Faith @ Home supports families who are intentional about their faith and religious practice as they raise the next generation of committed Christians. Creator, Leif Kehrwald empowers households to:
TALK with each other about their faith
PRAY together in ways that are comfortable and comforting
RITUALIZE their important moments
REACH OUT in service and support of others.

The Vatican Online
The Official Vatican Website offers the latest news about the Pope and events taking place in Rome.

United States Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops
This site will put you in touch with resources at the National Bishop's Conference in Washington, D.C. The Bishop's Ad Hoc Committee on the Catechism has a page on this site as well as the Committee on Education. Two helpful features are the Scripture readings for daily Mass throughout the year and Catholic reviews of movies

Catholic Answers
This site contains a wealth of information for Catholics. It takes a gentle, positive approach to responding to the challenges Catholics often hear from people of other denominations. There are many references to scripture throughout.